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True Detective S01e05 Vostfr keikea



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True Detective S01e05 Vostfr

















I do I got him We’re on empty roads now, so I got to drop back or he’ll spot the tail.

It makes me want to do things to it Ginger? You call me again, I’m setting Miles on you.. What you got? Lost him a minute I had to double back a few times till I found the exit.. I figure I’d let my man give you the details Look, this shit I got, you step on it five, six times, it’ll still kick.

That’s his truck there We’re gonna have to call this in, Rust Eh, we don’t want to do that.. They’ll trade you or the IC Brotherhood, however you want to do it Coke for crystal.. Or your money My money don’t spend? I can see your soul at the edges of your eyes.. Heading toward Carlyss Hurry up, man Copy that On my way How we doing back there, Ginger? Fuck you, motherfucker! Yeah.


That’s Reggie Ledoux’s cook partner, Dewall Bird-dog him, Marty Got it What’s your location? Just south of I-10 along the Creole Nature Trail.. How did you get onto Ledoux? One of my old Cl’s tipped me off the location of his cookhouse.. It’s corrosive, like acid You got a demon, little man And I don’t like your face.. So I came back on the job Didn’t want anybody else to catch him, bring him in Look, you want my help? Just show me the rest of the file.

Why ain’t I talking to Miles? Me and Ginger go way back, boosted together You ain’t saying much.. Troops will come flood these woods They could scatter All right, we ain’t gonna find him from here.. You take me through it and I’ll let you see what we got I’ll hold you to that Where’s Ginger? Wrapped up in a ditch.. You gotta watch that What do you want, again? I’m repping some people And they want to get to the good cook.. Why are you so hot to see the new discovery file, man? Why are y’all so hot to not give it to me? It’s supposed to be like a consultation, right? Yeah, but, uh, you go first.. What happened to your face? Pool game the other night, called the wrong dude on cheating.. I see you again, I’m putting you down There’s a shadow on you, son Marty? You got him? You fucking better, the shit I’ve been through.. This means you got to cook a little more, for a lot more profit Nah I ain’t got no use for it. 5ebbf469cd


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